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Tilt - a rock-and-diamond game for mobile devices.


Tilt is as a puzzle game designed for moble phones - and other MIDP-capable devices. It conforms to the MIDP 2.0 specification.

It uses the arrow keys for control, doesn't require the ability to press more than one button at a time, and it contains no real-time elements. As a result there's plenty of time to think - and the gameplay can easily withstand interruptions.

Play consists of tilting the play area in the direction of one of the four main compass points, using the arrow keys.

The player (represented by a yellow smiley face), rocks, diamonds - and other objects - cascade over one another in the direction of the tilt.

Rather than the consequences of each movement being localised in the vicinity of the player, each tilt typically has global consequences - and causes a substantial landslide.

Tilt was originally inspired by the Christmas- cracker puzzles with ball bearings in transparent plastic - where the aim was to get all the bearings in holes of the right size.

A number of game elements will be familiar to Rockz players - there are boulders, walls, diamonds, earth, safes, keys, puzzles which transform once assembled - and holes in the ground which things can be pushed into.

Unlike Rockz, Tilt doesn't scroll. The whole play area is visible at once. In order to adapt to different sized screens, all the graphics are scalable. The graphics are all computer generated - no bitmaps are used.


Tilt is currently pretty small. The jar size is about 39Kb.

You can see the actual file sizes and timestamps here


So far, in addtion to working on Sun's MIDP emulator, Tilt has been tested - and found to work - on the following devices:

  • LG 8120
  • Motorola E1000
  • Motorola V600

Note: Tilt currently requires MIDP-2.0.

A MIDP-1.0 version may be produced at some stage - but generating graphics dynamically there is typically very slow.


Tilt is in the public domain.


You can download Tilt using the links below:

Tilt JAD file | Tilt JAR file

Tim Tyler | Contact | http://tilt.rockz.co.uk/